Ruy Senderos in Until in They Bury Us All Movie Still

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA – (June 22, 2020) – Shoreline Entertainment, the U.S. based sales company, will launch Cannes Virtual Market sales of “Hasta Que Nos Entierren A Todos” (a.k.a. “Until They Bury Us All”), a drug cartel drama toplining Mexican actor Ruy Senderos (“El Señor de los Cielos”) and produced by 23-year-old André Fernández.

The Spanish-language pic had its theatrical premiere in Mexico last November. Set and shot entirely on location in Sinaloa, the film, which aims to deter young Mexicans from joining the cartels, follows Angel and his fiancé Mayra, who dreaming of a better life and desperate for a change, are seduced by the temptations of money, power, and luxury that the drug cartel offers, but the dire consequences of their choice come down on them in the blink of an eye.

Fernández started working on the film when he was only 18 years old, but it was finished 4 years later due to budget constraints. The film was independently produced and distributed in Mexico by Fernandez’s production and distribution company, Intercept Entertainment.

Miguel Estrada, a Mexican actor making his feature-film directorial debut, approached Fernández with the script after working together in multiple short films. “With this film, I wanted to show the real consequences of joining a cartel in a fictionalized and entertaining way. Unlike other films and series that portray being a drug lord as something aspirational.” Estrada, also co-produced and acted in the film. 

It is the first feature-film produced by Fernández, who has since then served as executive producer in Cuban docu-series “People: Havana,” directed by Guillermo Iván (“El Desconocido”) and has other projects in development.

“I’m excited to have Shoreline represent ‘Hasta Que Nos Entierren A Todos’ in the international market. I want this film and its message to reach a wider audience and Shoreline will be key in making that possible.” Said Fernández, who now works for an LA-based management company. “I’m proud of this film because even with its very small budget, we were able to create a high-quality product and I can’t wait for people around the world to see it.”


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